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Vikings Pump, using barbells with high reps that gets your heart rate pumping while building muscle and strength.


Indoor/outdoor circuits where we incorporate equipment and bodyweight exercises to build up your fitness fast.

These sessions run all year round.

Throughout the winter Months Circuits are run from the gym.

This is the perfect mix of high intensity cardio and strength training. Build lean muscle and increase your aerobic capacity within the same class. This is the ultimate class for burning calories and building strength.

Boxing for fitness is a non contact class.

This class is a great way to build up your fitness, learning combinations combined with some high intensity exercises.

All equipment is supplied including under gloves to stop the gloves and pads from smelling and keeping them clean.

Cardio Hiit is an all out war with your Aerobic engine. Short bursts of work with maximum calorie burn. Attack each short work period with maximum effort which will see you torching calories for up to 36 hours after the class. 

Can you handle the finisher?


I Move Freely is a series of low-grade exercise techniques which have been designed following 25 years of research, into a logical, evidence-based system that makes exercise prescription safer. It does this by improving movement ability which reduces risk using a very simple pyramid approach to exercise

Vikings jump is a safe, energetic low impact class taught to music combining running, aerobic/dance moves and Jumping while balancing on shoes that have a spring loaded sole. Jump boots can be easier on your joints compared to other forms of exercise. The boots absorb shock and reduce impact which is especially beneficial if you have knee or ankle problems. Jump boots can improve your balance, coordination and agility and most importantly a super fun way to exercise.

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